Sirène Léopard – Leopard Mermaid

Réalisée pour ma belle soeur, qui hésitait entre un léopard et une sirène….on peut tout avoir. Comme certains le savent déjà, je travaille à un livre de loisirs créatifs, qui explique comment je fabrique mes bijoux. Je présenterai une vingtaine de modèles, des pas à pas, des conseils sur le matériel. Ce projet est venu un peu comme une surprise pour moi, car je travaille depuis 12 ans à des livres pour enfants, en créant en parralèle des bijoux en bois, comme un hobby. Mais en art, rien de ce nous faisons avec coeur, dans la continuité, n’est anodin, et au fur ã mesure que nous murissons, certaines choses murissent également pour s’épanouir soudain.

This pendant was order made for my sister in law who hesitated between a leopard and a mermaid…..we can have it all. As some of you allready know, I’m working on a book explaining how I do these jewels. I will offer about twenty patterns, step by steps, advices on tools. This project came almost as a surprise for me, because I’ve been writing and illustrating for children these last twelve years, carving these jewels as a passtime inbetween projects. But we set things in motion when doing art with our heart, continuously, even as something peripheral. As we grow to maturity, some things that we carry within us, ripen as well, and suddenly bloom.


2 thoughts on “Sirène Léopard – Leopard Mermaid

  1. I’ve been working at making them real easy. Normally, the whole lot of necessary tools to carve the jewels hold in a shoe box, and the colours to paint them hold in another shoe box. I’ve also been checking the least expensive solutions. If you only have a steady table to sit by, you have done the most difficult. And I shall make a drawing for each and every step to show real clearly. On top of it all, for people who find it difficult with precise drawing (not your case) there will be shapes with mesure-squares to duplicate, in order to reproduce the patterns.


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